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Uwell Amulet Pod System Vape Watch Kit 370mAh

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Uwell Amulet Pod System Vape Watch Kit 370mAh Instructions

Uwell Amulet Pod System Vape Watch Kit Instructions


The Uwell Amulet Pod System Vape Watch Kit is the new system which can be worn on the wrist like a watch. If you want, you can simply purchase the pod alone. The size is so small and accurate that you can keep it in your bag or carry around in your palm in the easiest way possible. Bringing you the ease you have been looking for. The silicone strap makes it easy to wrap it around on your wrist, full access to time and date at any part of the day. The pod screen is used interactive, which means users can make use of all the functions easily even if they are not a pro. Uwell Amulet pod system has the power of 370mAh with an output of over 10watts. Users have the facility of charging it anytime with the help of USB charger. The pod system is designed as such to provide protection for safer vaping. The Uwell Amulet pod system can hold up to 2ml e-juice, which is enough for numerous vaping sessions. There is also 1.6ohm coil available for regulating nicotine salts. Now, filling e-juice into your pod is easily done with the filling home located at the bottom. There is no leakage which ensures the vaping experience is easy as the airways are well-designed to cater to all the needs of the respective user.

Uwell Amulet pod system is compact. It provides a simple and stealthy design which can be worn on your wrist through the silicon strap. Users can hide the pod in their palms easily. With the help of the active touch screen you can always keep yourself up to date with current date and time. The screen comes with rotating technology and to activate it you will have to press the function keys up to 4 seconds.

The Uwell Amulet pod kit comes with the draw activated system for the ease of the user and contains a super heavy battery of 370mAh which can provide a steady output of 10W. You can charge the device with the help of the USB cable and the internal circuit board is laced with latest technology that prevents the overheating and makes the charging and vaping through device really safe. Using the latest Uwell Amulet refillable pod you can hold for 2ml of e-juice and the internal composition of the coil is 1.6ohm that is a fully optimized value for the nicotine salts. The e-juice can be filled through the bottom and the silicone stopper would prevent any chance of leaking. The airway in the device accounts for the feeling of tight cigarette and brings you an incredible vaping experience.

Uwell has provided the users with the Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing technology and it works effortlessly to provide the users with strong and ambient flavors at all times. This satisfies the users with the fact that they will get the best of the flavors and the experience with the help of the efficient temperature control and durable construction elements.

The circuit board installed in the Uwell Amulet pod kit is latest and very functional as it comes with the PCBA dust-proof technology to protect the internal system and to ensure an increase in the overall shelf life of the device. There are multiple protections installed in the circuit board that will ensure a safe and stable vaping experience.

The Amulet pod kit can detach from the watch strap with the help of the release button and the display screen can be easily navigated with the help of the function keys. On user interface screen you can view the current atomizer resistance and battery's charge level, current week and the current date and time as well.

Uwell Amulet Pod System Vape Watch Kit Features

  • Complete pod system kit with the watch-style capability
  • Easy-to-rotate screen to provide 360 view
  • CBD oil and nic salt juice holding cavities
  • Button-less features for an easy draw
  • Temperature moderator with Pro-FOCS flavour testing feature

Uwell Amulet Pod Kit Package Includes

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Amulet Pod System

1 x User's Manual

Uwell Amulet Pods Specifications

Net Weight: 27g

Maximum Wattage: 10W

Material: Silicone, Polycarbonate, PCTG

Juice Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity: 370mAh

The resistance of Coil: 1.6ohm

Size: 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2 mm

What's More on Uwell Amulet Pod System Kit

  1. Ease of Use

This watch is extremely portable. It is easy to use and practical as users can take it along with them to their work as well.

  1. Modern and Latest Circuit Board

The circuit board of Uwell Amulet pod kit is advanced. It is well-designed with precision to make sure all the components work at their best.

  1. Safety to Use

This functional device has several safety options which will help users vape for long periods without worrying about anything. It has protection for short and open circuit mechanism.

  1. Amulet Replacement Pods

The pods can be refilled with your favourite flavour. They can hold up to 2ml of e-juice which provides smooth vaping experience.

The FAQ for Uwell Amulet Pod System Watch Kit Problems

  1. How to Fill the Uwell Amulet Pod?

  • Press the button on the side to release and remove the pod.
  • Remove the pod by pressing the mouthpiece towards the back of your pod system.
  • Remove the pod, pull out gently.
  • Remove the silicone plug from the bottom of the pod device.
  • Pour e-juice into the filling slot.

  1. How to Use the Button on Uwell Amulet Pod System?

  • By pressing the release button, you will be able to separate the pod system from the watch strap.
  • Press the function key five times, this will turn the pod system on or off.
  • By pressing the function key thrice, you can adjust time and date settings.
  • Press the function key for long. This will rotate the screen.

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