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Uwell Caliburn

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Uwell Caliburn Pod System Vape Kit 520mAh & 2ml Instructions

Uwell Caliburn Pods Instructions



  • Intense vape flavor
  • Can be activated by a firing button or automatic draw detection
  • 0ml liquid tank capacity
  • Fast power up
  • Fast wicking
  • 520mAh battery
  • Very light
  • Quick charge feature
  • Very smooth to draw from​

The Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit is the first pod vape kit from Uwell. The device has an concise design and sleek, modern body. Uwell Caliburn Vape Kit is shorter in length than that of the Infinix and slightly taller than a SMOK Nord. The Caliburn is 110mm in height, 21.2mm in width and 11.6mm thick.

The Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit is made from alloy and is surprisingly light considering its sturdy feel. With a full pod, it weighs just 30gm.

The Uwell Caliburn features a very basic design. There is just a single button on the face of the battery which makes for easy operation. A little LED displays the battery life and the on/off status of the all-in-one device.

Uwell uses parallel coils inside the pods, while the design is inspired by design of the older Carto tanks.

The Uwell Caliburn uses juice pods with a 2ml capacity. The pods by Uwell use a patented design that features a gold-plated snap-in magnetic connection. This feature makes it super easy to replace the pods whenever necessary. These pods are filled from the top and utilize the tip as a fill port protector for a dual use. Dual 3.5mm filling ports mean that refilling the pods is a breeze. Each pod has a 1.4ohm coil using Uwell' s Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology. This technology recycles air from the coil's core and pumps it full of flavor. Two airflow inlets on the sides of the device make every draw extremely smooth with plenty of flavor and vapor.

Uwell Caliburn Pod System Vape Kit The Package Includes

  • Caliburn Portable System Kit x1
  • Caliburn pod cartridge x1
  • Micro USB cable x1
  • User manual x1

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit Specifications

  • 0ml juice capacity
  • 520mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 110mm tall, 21.2mm wide, 11.6mm deep
  • Weight: 30gm
  • 11W maximum output

Uwell Caliburn Pod System Features

Fault Diagnosis Function

The draw-activated mechanism will be automatically disabled if the system detects a problem. However, if this does happen, simply press the fire button to continue vaping.

Directly Vape without Buttons

The Caliburn Pod System detects when you are drawing from it (when the device is unlocked) and automatically fires for you, without any button pressing.


With five clicks of the button, the Caliburn Pod System will enter locked mode, which ensures that the device is child safe.

Top-fill Cartridges

The included cartridges fill from the top and have a 2.0ml capacity. The unique top-fill innovation reduces any leakage when refilling the cartridges. To refill the cartridge, simply remove the drip tip.

Better Flavor For Beginners

Pro-FOCS® Flavor Testing Technology gives vapers the best vaping experience by regulating the heating temperature, controlling the quality of materials and packing the e-juice full of flavour. The parallel coil design completely atomizes e-juice which allows for smooth hits with big flavor and big vape clouds.

Long Battery Life with 520mAh Battery

The large 520mah battery makes the vapor output very stable. The micro-USB charging port at the bottom of the device makes it easy to charge on-the-go.

LED Indicator

The LED indicates the battery level and the working status of the device at a glance.

Multiple Protection Features

  • Draw-activated Mechanism Fault Diagnosis Function
  • Short-circuit security
  • Low power LED light indicator
  • Indicator for over-vaping

Compact and Portable

The Uwell Caliburn is a great size for a pocket, which makes it perfect for using out and about. The body is also thin and light, weighing in at just 30g. The shape makes it easy to grasp in the hand, while the ergonomic form makes it grip without slippage.

Uwell Caliburn vs. SMOK Nord

The SMOK Nord is a comparable vaping device that uses 2.0ml pods and is compatible with MTL coils at 1.4ohm resistance and DL coils at 0.6ohm resistance. What is unique about the device is that the coils are removable and replaceable from the cartridge which means the head is not built into the device. The Nord has a 1100mah battery inside and utilizes dual-firing. It also has an automatic draw feature and a firing button for manual operation.

Maybe Uwell Caliburn battery's endurance is not so good, but it can get a quick charge via the USB cable no matter where you are. Furthermore, due to the Caliburn Pod System and the Pro-FOCS flavor technology, it can provide you a intense flavor. If you are a beginner who wants to purchase a good taste vape kit, Uwell Caliburn must be your first choice.

FQA for Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit Problems

  1. How To Turn The Uwell Caliburn Device ON/OFF?

To turn the Uwell Caliburn on, simply press the button on the unit five times. To turn the device off, do the same.

  1. How To Fill The Uwell Caliburn Pod/Cartridge?

It is easy to fill the pods of the Caliburn thanks to the top-fill pod feature. Each pod can hold up to 2.0ml of liquid. To access the filling ports, simply detach the drip tip. When the filling ports are accessible, all that is left to do is fill the pod up to the fill line.

  1. How To Install The Uwell Caliburn Pod?

The pods connect to the device using strong and secure magnets. Simply attach the pod to the spot where it fits and listen for the click sound. Then it is connected.

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